Q: Do you offer remote or virtual voice lessons?

A: Carly works with students all over the United States remotely. You can have your voice lesson on Zoom, Facetime or Skype and sing from the comfort of your own home. 

Q: I want to sing only as a hobby. Are voice lessons right for me?

A: Yes, absolutely! Whether you like to sing for fun, want to improve your vocal capabilities, or want to pursue the singing profession; my voice lessons are tailor made to meet your personal goals. 

Q: What if I’m not sure voice lessons are right for me?

A: I have prepared advanced high school singers for college music auditions, helped adults fulfill their dreams of learning to sing, and have taught the basics of music and healthy singing to children. My students have successfully auditioned for high school and college-level select ensembles, landed performances at local clubs and benefit concerts, been picked up by talent agencies, snagged roles in their local community theater, and joined college music and theater programs. Whatever your goals, we’ll meet them together.

Q: How long is a typical voice lesson?

A: 30 minutes or 1 hour long. I recommend a 30 minute lesson for ages 12 and under and a 1 hour lesson for ages 12 and up.

Q: What ages do you teach?

A: I have taught ages 5-58. All ages are welcome! I do however recommend that if your child is younger than 12 that we have a trial lesson to see if voice lessons are the right fit for them.  

Q: How can I tell if my child is ready for voice lessons?

A: If they show an affinity for singing along to their favorite Disney movies or enjoy singing at their school or church choir; voice lessons are for them! Voice lessons are a place for them to grow confidence in their musical abilities and stage presence, as well as hone their skills in their singing voice and learn the basics for music theory and sight-reading.

Q: What does a typical voice lesson entail? 

A: Half of the time will be devoted to vocal warm-ups. These are a series of voice exercises that gently warm up your instrument. The second half of the lesson will be singing a song or songs of your choosing.

Q: How often does the typical student take lessons?

A: Normally once a week. Sometimes twice a week if the student would like more rigorous training.

Q: What are voice lessons like?

A: This depends on your personal goals. If you would like to learn how to read music, we can incorporate that into the lesson plan. If you want to be able to build up your stage confidence and performance practice, we will work on exercises that explore and promote stepping up your game. My studio is a relaxed and friendly environment that encourages learning at your own pace.  

Q: Who chooses the music that I will sing? 

A: We can collaborate on the music you sing in the lessons. All genres are welcome. I can help advise you on what I think is a good selection for your specific voice type. You are always welcome to bring in new things and we can experiment together to see if it is the right fit for you!

Q: Where is your studio located?

A: My studio is located in my home in Naperville, IL. Please contact me via email or phone to schedule an appointment or with any additional questions you may have. Go to the Contact tab located on this website for my contact information. Thank you!

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